About the Renovation

The Library Board has approved plans to renovate the Library. The current building was built in 1972 and expanded to its current floorplan in 1991. Since then, aside from some remodeling in 2008, we havenít done much to improve the functional and aesthetic layout of the building. As a result, we have a good deal of underutilized space that we want to put to better use. The renovation will result in more public space and better organized staff space. A few highlights of the new layout include larger programming rooms, more study rooms, a cafe; area with vending machines, better seating, more outlets for personal electronics, and so much more. If you would like a more detailed view, look at our current architectís rendering. Pleae note that this does not reperesent the final version and is still subject to change.

You wonít notice anything going on when you visit the Library over the next few months. Our architects are taking that time to draw the technical plans that will guide the work that the contractors will do. We expect that work to begin this August or September.

In the meantime, we will document our renovation on our website, keeping you updated with current information, photos and more. Part of the website will be an FAQs where we will have answers to the most frequently asked questions.