Renovation FAQs

When will the renovation begin/be completed?
We plan to begin construction in late September 2020. We hope construction will be complete in May 2021.

How much will it cost?
The Library Board has approved a budget of $5.2 million for the renovation.

Why do we need it?
We need to rework our current space to reflect how libraries are used today. We need more space for programming, small group space, and improved technology access (outlets, USB ports, etc.).

Where will the books be moved during renovation?
We don’t know the exact answer yet. We are working with professionals who have lots of experience with projects like this. They are working on finding the best way to phase the work so the books, computers, furniture, etc. will only have to move once.

Will you still be open?
Yes, we will remain open during the renovation.
Will this raise my taxes?
No, the Library Board will not need to raise taxes or issue bonds to pay for this renovation. The Library Board has been saving for this project since our successful referendum in 2008.

How did you decide what changes/upgrades to make?
The Library conducted a community survey in the fall of 2018 as part of its strategic planning process. The survey solicited ideas on what changes and upgrades our users wanted. We have monitored changes in how patrons use the Library has changed over time and ensured the renovation supported those changes. And we studied the renovations of other libraries to learn what we might incorporate into our plans.

If I have an idea for the renovation, who should I talk to?
Please email the Library Director Alex Todd at with any questions or ideas you have.