Digital Media Lab Equipment and Software


Apple iMac Computer – Powerful computer that is the hub of the lab.

Epson V500 Perfection Photo Scanner – Photo scanner with negative and slide scanning ability.

Wacom Bamboo Tablet and Pen Writer – Used for precision digital illustration. Works with various drawing software.

VCR/DVD Player and Digitizer - Combination that allows you to import video from VHS or DVD for editing on the computer and burning to a DVD, Blu-ray, or flash drive.

Blu-ray/DVD Burner – Easy way to save videos, photos and other content in disc form. Discs are available for sale at the Information Desk (10 cents for DVD, 50 cents for Blu-ray) or you can bring your own.

Dremel Idea Builder - The Library's 3D printer. You can send in your own print files and the Library will print them for a small fee.

Silhouette Cameo – An electronic cutting tool for personal use. It can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and other materials. You must bring your own materials.

TEAC LP-R660USB - A machine that can play CDs, records, and cassettes as well as convert them to CD or digital.

A number of “How To” books detailing how to use the various equipment and software.


Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Includes Photoshop and Illustrator) – For editing pictures, photos, and documents.

Apple iMovie – For making and editing movies Autodesk Sketchbook – An advanced digital drawing tool.

Microsoft Office for Mac – For document creation like on Windows PCs. Includes standards like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Roxio Video Capture – Converts DVD and VHS to digital formats.

Silhouette Studio – Creates designs that can be printed and cut on the Cameo.

SketchUp – A CAD program to make 3D models which can be put into games, movies, or even be 3D printed!

Toast Titanium – Burns video files to DVD and Blu-ray.

Audio Hijack – Converts cassettes and vinyl records to digital.


For those interested in learning more about the Digital Media Lab, watch our Welcome to the Digital Media Lab instructional videos on the Library's YouTube channel PHPLibraryLink.


Be sure to check the events calendar for upcoming classes

Intro to the Digital Media Lab - Learn all there is to do in the Digital Media Lab. You can digitize your old photos and videos, edit a movie, create a scrap-booking project, design a 3D print, or draw a digital masterpiece. The possibilities are endless!

Digitization 101 - Preserve memories by learning to digitize your old negatives, slides, photos, and videos.

Digitization 202: Records and Cassettes - Preserve your old music by learning to digitize old records and cassettes using equipment in available at the Library.

Learn to 3D Print: Sketchup - This class will introduce you to Sketchup, a popular 3D modeling software, which you can use to create 3D prints. You must be a PHPL cardholder to 3D print at the Library.

Silhouette Cameo Basics - Learn to use the Silhouette Cameo, an electronic cutter used to make projects on cardstock, vinyl,and more. Class subjects include vinyl stickers, glass etching, and more!